Why We Exist


To reach the University to reach more than the University.

The university campus is the true crossroads of our society. On campus, the future politician shares a classroom with the future engineer and tomorrow’s CEO eats lunch with tomorrow’s school teacher. Not only are young men and women deciding what type of career they will have, they are deciding what type of person they will be. This is why we believe it is so important to reach the campus with mentoring personal relationships, to aid students in developing the character they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. The student who loves Jesus will reach his classmates and coworker alike; the transformation Christ brings cannot be contained to a single campus.


We, as Chi Alpha, long for each person to leave New Mexico State a better place than when they found it. We want our students to follow Jesus and teach others to follow Jesus after they have left, to teach others to follow Jesus at their job, while serving at their local church. We want to see a great movement of God among college students that will go out bring the love of Jesus to the university, churches, and the market place.


At Chi Alpha NMSU, we value real devotion, real community, and real responsibility.

We strive to have a real devotion to God composed of a prayer life, a reading life, and a mind in love with God. We are a real community that interacts like a family, and not merely as a group of acquaintances. And we want to march as an army with the responsibility of making disciples and leaving NMSU better then when we found it. We believe all 3 are essential to living life at its fullest.